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This page provides in-depth information for making international telephone calls to Mumbai, India from any country in the world. Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay.

Dial Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is India's largest metropolitan area with 20.9 Million people. It is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world. Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra on the western coast of India on the Indian Ocean. Mumbai is in a tropical weather zone and receives over 85 inches (2,200 mm) of rain per year. more on Mumbai >>

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Phone Number Formats to Call Mumbai

To make an international telephone call to Mumbai, you need to dial a phone number formatted correctly for either a landline or mobile phone as follows:

Call a Mumbai Landline Phone

ccc  91  22  nnnn nnnn 
access code
local subscriber

Call a Mumbai Mobile Phone

ccc   91  9x xxx xxxxx 
access code
mobile number

Click here for more on information on India phone numbers.

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How to Make an International Call to Mumbai

To make an international call to Mumbai, India, follow this international dialing procedure.

1. Dial your international access code / IDD:  ccc

Note that some mobile operators do not require dialing an IDD and/or allow use of substitute characters (such as '+') in lieu of an international access code.

2. Dial India country code:  91 

Dial country code +91 to reach any location in India. Country codes are also known as ISDs or international subscriber dialing codes.

3. Confirm that you have a 10-digit Mumbai local subscriber number

All India local subscriber numbers are 10-digits long. If you don't have a 10-digit number, then the next steps may correct the problem. If not, you will need to get a valid 10-digit number somehow. More on local subscriber numbers, including differences between landline and mobile numbers.

4. If you have an 11-digit Mumbai number starting with '0', remove the '0'

If your Mumbai destination phone number starts with a '0' - e.g., 022 45481800 or 094 451 23456, delete the '0'. The '0' is required only for domestic long distance calls (NLD calls).

5. Determine if calling to a landline or a mobile phone

India landline and mobile phone numbers are formatted differently. Landline numbers contain both an area code and a local subscriber number. Mobile numbers are always 10-digits and do not require a separate area code. Check here to learn how to tell landline numbers from mobile phone numbers.

6. If calling a Mumbai landline phone number...

Mumbai landline numbers consist of a 2-digit area code and an 8-digit local subscriber number (10-digits total). When written, sometimes there's a space separating the area code, sometimes not. If you have a 10-digit number, you can simply dial it. If not, use the area code below.

a. Dial Mumbai area code:  22 

Mumbai has just one 2-digit area code. Lookup nearby area codes here.

b. Dial the local subscriber number:  nnnn nnnn

Mumbai landline subscriber numbers are all 8-digits. You can lookup BSNL and other phone numbers here.

7. If calling a Mumbai mobile phone number...

Simply dial the 10-digit mobile number:  9x xxx xxxxx

All mobile phones in India have 10-digits and start with '9'. No area code should be dialed.

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Call Mumbai from Selected Countries

Follow the links below for complete landline and mobile telephone dialing information for making international calls to Mumbai.

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Some countries, e.g., Australia, Brazil, France, and Singapore, have more than one international access code (or 'IDD'). These codes designate specific carriers, specific countries, or for other purposes. Be sure to use the correct international telephone prefix for your carrier or calling plan when calling Mumbai.

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