Call from India - Making Outbound ILD Calls

This page provides information for making outbound international calls from India to other countries, aka ILD calls. For example, to call from India to London, New York, or Saudi Arabia.

ILD calls from India

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Call from India - Outbound Dialing Codes

To make an international phone call from India to another country you need to dial a properly formatted phone number containing the following dialing codes:

India int'l access code / IDD  00 
Destination country code  ccc  List of country codes
Lookup country codes
Area code / city code  aaa  Not used by all countries
Number of digits may vary
Local phone number  nnnn nnnn  Number of digits varies

You may need to dial additional access codes or other number if you are using a calling card, or choosing a long distance carrier, among other things.

Note: Country codes, area codes, and local phone numbers all vary in length from country to country. For instance, country codes can be 1-, 2-, or 3-digits long - e.g., +1 for USA, +44 for UK, +971 for UAE / Dubai. Make sure you are using a correctly formatted number or your call will not complete properly.

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Outbound International Phone Number Format

To make an international call from India to another country, you want to dial an international phone number formatted like this:

00 ccc aaa nnnn nnnn
local subscriber

As noted above, phone number formats for area codes and local subscriber numbers vary widely from country to country. Specifically, the number of digits isn't necessarily 3:8 - and in fact, probably isn't for the location you are calling. To avoid confusion and unnecessary charges, please verify your destination phone number prior to dialing.

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Country Codes for Selected Countries

Here is a list of country codes for several countries, such as the US, UK, Pakistan, and Australia, among others, that are frequently dialed from India.

If your destination country is not listed, lookup country codes here.

Outbound Dialing Codes to Selected Countries

Calling to... Country Code Outbound Phone
Number Format
USA +1 00 1 aaa nnnn nnnn
Canada +1 00 1 aaa nnnn nnnn
Mexico +52 00 52 aaa nnnn nnnn
Brazil +55 00 55 aaa nnnn nnnn
UK +44 00 44 aaa nnnn nnnn
Germany +49 00 49 aaa nnnn nnnn
France +33 00 33 aaa nnnn nnnn
Italy +39 00 39 aaa nnnn nnnn
Netherlands +31 00 31 aaa nnnn nnnn
Ireland +353 00 353 aaa nnnn nnnn
Kuwait +965 00 965 aaa nnnn nnnn
Qatar +974 00 974 aaa nnnn nnnn
Saudi Arabia +966 00 966 aaa nnnn nnnn
UAE / Dubai +971 00 971 aaa nnnn nnnn
South Africa +27 00 27 aaa nnnn nnnn
Nigeria +234 00 234 aaa nnnn nnnn
Australia +61 00 61 aaa nnnn nnnn
New Zealand +64 00 64 aaa nnnn nnnn
Philippines +63 00 63 aaa nnnn nnnn
India +91 00 91 aaa nnnn nnnn
Pakistan +92 00 92 aaa nnnn nnnn
China +86 00 86 aaa nnnn nnnn
Hong Kong +852 00 852 aaa nnnn nnnn
Singapore +65 00 65 aaa nnnn nnnn
Japan +81 00 81 aaa nnnn nnnn

Note: Area code and local subscriber number formats shown above are approximate. Please confirm your destination phone number prior to dialing.

Lookup other country codes

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Dial to Any Country from India

Follow these dialing steps to place an international call from India to any country worldwide.

1. Dial India international access code / IDD:  00

From a landline or mobile phone in India, initiate an international call by dialing the international access code / IDD for India which is ' 00'. This secures an international line. Lookup other international access codes

2. Dial destination country code:  ccc

Dial your destination country's country calling code. Country codes are often called ISD codes in India. The country code is normally a 1- to 3-digit number, often designated with a ' + ' sign in written phone numbers. Lookup country codes

3. Remove domestic long distance codes:  xx

Written phone numbers sometimes include the national long distance dialing codes along with the local phone number. The most common long distance dialing code (or 'NDD') is '0', but there are others. Some smaller countries don't use them at all. If your local phone number starts with a '0', it is probably best to remove it for international dialing purposes.

4. Dial local area code / city code:  aaa

Area codes vary in length and may or may not be exactly 3-digits as shown here. Area codes are the equivalent of STD codes in India. If the country you are dialing uses area codes, you will need to dial it. Some smaller countries do not use area codes. And in some other countries, the area code is 'built' into the local phone number and won't be readily distinguishable.

5. Dial destination local phone number: nnnn nnnn

The format of local phone numbers varies widely around the world. It may or may not contain 8-digits as illustrated here. You will need a properly formatted local phone number to complete your call.

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