India National Long Distance Code (NLD)

To make a domestic long distance call within India, you first need to dial India's national long distance code - aka NLD code or NDD code.

NLD stands for 'national long distance' and is a term widely used in India regarding long distance calling. NDD stands for 'national direct dial' and is a term used around the world to mean the same thing.

India national long distance code (NLD): +0

Many Indian phone numbers are written with the long distance code included. If your number starts with a ' 0 ' and is 11-digits long (inclusive of the ' 0 '), then you have a complete long distance number for dialing a landline or mobile phone.

More NLD dialing information



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Long distance codes are very crucial in India when making calls. I have read about their importance in best writing help and one should really remember the code if they want to make calls within India. Further, it is very easy to remember and all one has to do is memorize a plus and a zero.

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