India Area Codes / STDs

As you might expect for such a large country, India has many, many area codes covering all of its many cities and towns. Each unique India area code helps route inbound calls to a specific geographic area within the country.

Because of how local phone numbers are assigned in India, area codes apply only to India landline phone numbers. Mobile phone numbers do not utilize a separate area code - and the numbers shown here should not be used when calling mobile phones.

In India, area codes are also sometimes called STD codes or 'subscriber trunk dialing' codes. They are also sometimes referred to as SDCA codes - where SDCA stands for 'short distance charging area'.

Note that area codes in India vary in length from 2-digits to 4-digits. Since all India phone numbers are 10 digits in total, the local subscriber numbers associated with area codes vary in length accordingly. In other words, the local number in a 2-digit area code is 8-digits whereas 4-digit area codes are associated with 6-digit local numbers. more on India's local numbering scheme >>>>

This page presents the following area code information:

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Area Codes / STD Codes for Major India Cities

Here are the area codes for India's 15 largest metro regions.

City Area Code / STD
Ahmedabad area code  79 
Bangalore area code  80 
Chennai area code  44 
Delhi area code  11 
Hyderabad area code  40 
Indore area code  731 
Jaipur area code  141 
Kanpur area code  512 
Kolkata area code  33 
Lucknow area code  522 
Mumbai area code  22 
Nagpur area code  712 
Patna area code  612 
Pune area code  20 
Surat area code  261 

Notes about local subscriber numbers:

  • For 2-digit area codes: Subscriber numbers are 8-digits long.
  • For 3-digit area codes: Subscriber numbers are 7-digits long.
  • For 4-digit area codes: Subscriber numbers are 6-digits long.

In all cases, the final complete landline phone number must be 10-digits long.

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Lookup India Area Codes / STD Codes

If you are not calling one of the major cities listed above, you can look up the area code for any India location using the widget below.

Find India Area Codes / STDs
Your Area Code / STD
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Insert your area code at the maroon a's below to create a complete international phone number for calling an India landline phone. Please adjust the length of the local subscriber number accordingly to total 10-digits.

  • 'yyy 91 aaa nnn nnnn '

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In some cases, area codes may be referred to as city codes. However, a 'city code' more correctly refers to the codes used for airports and other geographic designations under the UN's UN/LOCODE system and/or the IATA airport coding system.

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