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India is a large country with a wide variety of holidays and festivals. Many of India's holidays are related to the wealth of religions practiced in the country, including: Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, among others.

As a country, India has relatively few official national holidays - only 3. Instead, most holidays are declared at a state level with each state choosing holidays that are most relevant to the religious and ethnic makeup of their populations.

In terms of the national holidays, the 3 officially celebrated holidays are: Republic Day, celebrated annually on 26 January, Independence Day, celebrated on 15 August, and Gandhi Jayanti (Gandhi's Birthday), celebrated on 2 October each year.

In addition to these 3 holidays, Christmas Day (25 December) and New Year's Day (1 January) are also widely observed nationally, but neither is an official government holiday per se.

Beyond these holidays, one really needs to look at a state-by-state level across India to identify which holidays are recognized where - and on what exact date in a given year.

In fact, it is sometimes even necessary to look at specific cities to see which holidays are being celebrated in that locality.

Because of the wide array of holidays across the country and the variety of ways in which they are recognized, the most reliable holiday calendar is one based on bank holidays. If banks are closed, then it is a good bet that other things are as well.

Currently, we have detailed and up-to-date bank holiday calendars available for 5 cities. More will be published soon.

We source our holiday calendar information from Good Business Day, a division of Copp Clark Professional. Copp Clark are internationally recognized as a premier source for accurate holiday information. They provide the holiday data used by thousands of banks and other institutions worldwide.

 holiday calendar

For detailed background and historical information on any of the holidays we list, we recommend you visit this page published by India's Ministry of Tourism on India's holidays and festivals. Wikipedia also has an excellent compilation of India's holidays and festivals that we recommend. From these two sources, you will find abundant information on most holidays in India.

For additional holiday information, please also check the Reserve Bank of India's website - holidays by city.

Below you will find up-to-date holiday information for Mumbai for 2023 and 2024.

Bank and public holiday calendars

2023 Bank Holiday Calendar
-- Mumbai --

2024 Bank Holiday Calendar
-- Mumbai --

Mumbai holiday calendar courtesy of Good Business Day,
a division of Copp Clark Professional

Bank and public holiday calendars

Bank Holidays in Major Cities

Please follow these links for bank holiday calendars for India's largest cities.

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